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多样性、股票 and 包容 at 传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争

多样性、股票, and 包容 at 传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争

传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争’ purpose is centered around the value that people, their unique perspectives, and experiences can bring to the world.  Our commitment to DE&I makes us better advisors to our clients, members of our global communities.  We use diversity to foster creativity, we use 股本 to empower diverse talent and thought, and we use inclusion to broaden the solutions available to us and unlock innovation.  DE&I powers our collaborative approach and creates unique solutions to the complex talent questions our clients face.

Our commitment to DE&I starts at the top, from our board of directors to our chief executive officer and leadership team. Our culture stems from our values, which were developed by our board and senior leaders, and exemplified daily by every member of our teams. We strive to create an open, 包容, and committed culture where our staff can fully enjoy their work and trust their colleagues and partners. We believe this type of culture creates an environment that is most conducive to a productive and happy team. In a marketplace that connects across cultures and continents, access to a diverse workforce is essential. We recognize our diversity as an employer strengthens our ability to bring a full range of perspectives to our clients. Our workforce reflects those we serve at all levels of the organization.

多样性、股票 & 包容

Commitment from the Top

传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争的总统 & Chief Executive Officer, Krishnan Rajagopalan, shares his perspective on the importance of diversity, 股本, 和包容.

Our 多样性、股票 & 包容原则
We create a culture of inclusion that embraces differences, encourages authenticity and welcomes everybody. We create innovation by maximizing the contributions of our diverse populations. We offer services to our clients to help them do the same.
We invest in the advancement, experience and success of diverse talent within our organization. We invest in leaders both internally and externally who are 包容 and empathetic and champion diversity. We invest in our communities to support groups who have been historically underrepresented and disadvantaged.
We build talent pipelines for our clients and ourselves that intentionally target and develop diverse talent. We build diverse and 包容 teams to best represent our clients and their interests. We build innovative solutions to enhance the success of diverse individuals. We build quantifiable measures that define and track diversity statistics to create accountability.
Environmental, Social and governance

传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争 2020 ESG Report

传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争 was the first in the industry to publish an ESG report on several components, including issues impacting our people. As part of the ESG Report, 传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争 making a commitment to report its diversity statistics and DE&I efforts generally to lead on DE&I through transparency, measurement, and accountability through public measurement of our progress.


Our Commitments to 多样性、股票 and 包容

传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争 is dedicated to building diverse leadership teams and organizations, and to creating 包容 cultures and workplaces—where all voices are heard, where all individuals feel safe, 有价值的, 并接受, and everyone is able to thrive and achieve equitable success. Diversity enriches our workplace, but we also understand that there is more work to do.

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传奇电子游戏试玩 & 斗争' affinity groups for women, professionals of color, and the LGBTQ community offer places for people to share experiences, 导师, 提倡, 和网络.


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